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About Us

Welcome to Mr. Helper NYC where we specialize in cleaning commercial, event space, office space, moving in moving out, Airbnb, and all residential homes in NYC.

As a child, I would help my mother clean the house from top to bottom. No matter what she needed from me I wanted to be the one to make everything easier for her. From that, she would call me her little “Mr. Helper “. As I have gotten older, cleaning for others brought me joy in my heart. Seeing that smile after cleaning someone’s place made me feel proud. This is what Mr. Helper NYC is all about, helping you with the extra time and energy it takes to clean so that you don’t have to. We hire the right people for the job to clean, we just don’t pick anyone. We make sure that our staff is trained so that you are satisfied. A lot of companies you see today will clean for you but forget the details that make the cleaning a success. Mr. Helper NYC will not only take care of the details, but we also clean in a timely matter. So if you ever need help we want you to think of us and we will make sure you never have to think of another company again.

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Our Vision

We plan to show each and every client, whether it’s your place of business or your home where you share memories that you are special. Not only do we want to thank you for choosing us by the way we clean, we want you to continue to choose us by the way we make you feel after we clean. Some will call it “a breath of fresh air” others would say “a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”. We want to be all that for you and then some. We make sure we offer top of the line services by really listening to our clients.

You are our #1 priority and that never changes with us. This gives you less things to worry about and more things to enjoy.

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